The Patient Journey

The patient journey depicts the expected cycle for every cancer patients. At Sunway Medical Centre we want to give patients the best chances of a positive outcome, enhanced quality and vitality of life through early diagnosis, optimal treatment interventions, a multi-disciplinary team approach and symptom control.

Treatment Options

The oncologist will then discuss treatment options that are suitable for the patient and address any concerns the patient may have. Some of these treatments include chemotherapy, radiotherapy and supportive care. There will be pre-treatment counselling by the specialist and oncology nurse.


The oncologist will conduct further investigations to find out more about the cancer, e.g. blood test, imaging, bone marrow, liver biopsy, colonoscopy, etc.


After the diagnosis of cancer by a primary consultant, the patient will be referred to an oncologist, who specialises in the treatment of cancer.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

Cancer patients at SunMed’s Cancer Centre can be assured comprehensive review of their disease and a combined multi-disciplinary plan by the team of cancer specialists present on-site to maximise the chances of disease remission and quality of life. A typical multidisciplinary team consists of a doctor, dietitian, pharmacist, oncology nurse, rehabilitation staff, psychologist, counsellor, home nursing staff and physiotherapist. SunMed’s Cancer Centre includes a tumour board where meetings are held to review cancer patients from a unique, multi-disciplinary perspective. This brings together different consultants from surgery, medical and radiation oncology to review the patient’s diagnosis and for the best outcome management. Tumour boards are a necessary pre-requisite to ensure excellence in cancer care and allow for optimal multi-disciplinary cooperation.

Treatment Procedures

Before each treatment, there will be a consultation with the oncologist. Regular blood investigations will be carried out as treatment progresses. Imaging will be conducted after two to three cycles of treatment. The patient’s clinical issues will be discussed by a multi-disciplinary team.

Post-Treatment & Follow Up

After treatment is completed, regular follow-ups with the consultant, together with blood tests and imaging will be scheduled for the patient.