Tattooless Radiation Therapy

Accurate and reliable treatment without leaving permanent and visible markings on the body.

Normal radiotherapy setup during CT Simulation includes imposing permanent tattoos on a patient's skin for reproducibility during daily treatment. Several studies report that these marks are a cause of anxiety, body confidence issues, and needle prick incidences.

Sunway Medical Centre is proud to be the first centre in South East Asia to offer tattooless radiation therapy with AlignRT® technology, which allows us to use Surface Guided Radiotherapy System (SGRT) to ensure patients are positioned accurately without being invasively marked.

This technology uses non-invasive light emitted from specialised camera units in the treatment room to align a patient's skin surface to the planned position, eliminating the need to mark the body.

SGRT also enables Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) by monitoring a patient's breathing position throughout the treatment procedure with sub-millimetre accuracy, which automatically stops the radiation beam if the patient moves beyond what is clinically tolerable.