Medication for cancer treatment can vary from treatment drugs to pain killers to anti-nausea medication.

We deliver a wide variety of services

Each patient has a personalised and specific treatment to follow and this includes medication. Oral Medication is prescribed to either cure or control the disease or as palliation. In all circumstances, your oncologist and pharmacist will explain the purpose of your medication.

At Sunway Cancer Centre, the core functions of a pharmacy include dispensing medications to outpatients, managing medication supply to the various departments in the hospital and providing pharmaceutical care to patients in our wards.

Our Sunway Cancer Centre has a dedicated, skilled team to prepare specialised medications for chemotherapy to ensure these medications are handled and delivered in a safe manner to our patients. Our oncology and clinical pharmacists work with the oncology team to deliver a range of services, including providing medication counselling, reviewing medication therapy to ensure our patients receive safe and effective treatment, monitoring adverse events, evaluating drug–drug and drug–disease interactions, and participating in supportive care.

Simple guidelines from our pharmacists: Always keep medications out of children's reach.


Before Taking Your Medication, Always…

  • Check if it is the correct medication.
  • Check if it is still in good condition and has not expired
  • Read the instructions on the label/ leaflet
  • If you are unsure how to take the medication, ask your doctor or pharmacist
  • Take the right dose at the right time
First Aid Kit

Tell Your Doctor/ Pharmacist If You Are

  • Taking any medications and/or supplements (including those you buy from pharmacies, e.g. cough mixtures, pain killers, antacids, etc.)
  • Allergic to anything
  • Pregnant, planning to have a baby, fathering a child or breastfeeding
  • Having any other medical conditions
  • Collecting or buying the medications for someone else
Medical Record

Questions You Can Ask Your Pharmacist

  • What is the medication for?
  • What is the name of this medication?
  • When and how do I take it?
  • How long should I take it?
  • What should I be aware of when taking this medication? (e.g. possible side effects and what to do about them, food/medications/drinks/activities to avoid, what to do if I don’t feel well after taking this medication)
  • Where and how do I store this medication?
  • What if I missed a dose?
  • How to discard used and unused medication if they are no longer required?