Patient Story

Every cancer patient has a story that touches us. These are the stories of our family, friends, and heroes. Cancer can happen to anyone, yet everyone copes with it differently.

We hope the stories inspire patients to fight on, by answering important questions with real-life experiences.

Hear What Our Indonesian Patients Have To Say About Us!

International Cancer Patient

Hear What Our Indonesian Patients Have To Say About Us!

Sunway Medical Centre has a strong reputation both within and outside Malaysia, with 450,000 visits by patients from over 170 countries! 

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The End Stage Cancer Miracle

Breast Cancer (Stage 4)

Calise Teo's Story (38)

Calise and her husband recently welcomed their baby daughter into their home of 2 boys; and as this 37-year-old mother was busy with preparing to return to work...

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Building a Family Under Cancer’s Threat

Breast Cancer (Stage 1)

Ng Mei Theng’s Story (34)

For Mei Theng, being diagnosed at the age of 34 with breast cancer when she was a young, breastfeeding mother of over 3 years, shocked her...

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The Importance of Seeking the Right Treatment

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (Stage 4)

William Hong's Story (30)

At the age of 30 most of us are still working our way up the corporate ladder. For William Hong, this was the age he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia...

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Breast Cancer (Annie Au’s Story)

Breast Cancer (Stage 1)

Annie Au’s Story (37)

I was very young when my grandmother and eldest aunt got sick. It was from mum’s explanation that I knew they had..

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Breast Cancer (Mary Ng’s Story)

Breast Cancer (Stage 2)

Mary Ng’s Story (58)

I had started doing checkups every year since I was in my 30s. People might have thought that I was overcautious, because some..

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Synovial Sarcoma (Oscar Lim’s Story)

Synovial Sarcoma

Oscar Lim’s Story (23)

I was diagnosed at the time of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. I was in my second year of law studies in Ireland, and I was going..

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