A Miraculous True Story of Recovery with Gamma Knife Radiosurgery

Brain Tumours

Mr C (68)


Mr C was battling cancer that had spread to his brain, leading to symptoms like weakness and memory loss. With the revolutionary Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™, our team of cancer experts at Sunway Cancer Centre provided treatment that helped him regain his memory and a newfound hope in life. Here, Mr C and his wife shares more about his condition and miraculous recovery.


Earlier on, he would occasionally lose his grip, subconsciously tilt and forget things he had spoken about. However, since these symptoms were mild, we did not pay much attention to them. 

It was during one of his overseas trips that he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, and that was the moment that we discovered he had cancer. The initial plan was for us to follow up on the next treatment in Norway three weeks later, but unfortunately, he collapsed in his home before that could happen. He became unconscious and had to undergo surgery to remove the 8cm blood clot in his brain. On top of that, he suffered from a severe stroke and was paralysed on the full right side of his body. 

In Search of Hope

After his release from the hospital, we managed to re-enter Malaysia. While we were here, I insisted on taking him to Sunway Medical Centre. For some reason, I had a good feeling about Sunway Medical Center, and that was how we ended up here. I am a foreigner, and Sunway Medical Center, Sunway City has often been mentioned to me by friends that I got to know. Also, they have very good coverage with most insurance companies, as Sunway Medical Centre has the most modern equipment and techniques. The doctors here are also highly informative, they shared with me the black and white, as well as the grey areas. 

A Miraculous Recovery

After the Gamma Knife procedure, he is so much clearer in his speech – he's nagging again! His mind is also clear now; all the memories and everything else have come back to him. 

This is all a miracle, and the most impressive part is that he regained movement in his paralysed right side – he could move his right hand and fingers, and raise his wrist a little. Occasionally, he even feels the sensation of moving his leg. So, I can see how the Gamma Knife has gradually worked its wonder. 

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