Overcoming Cancer: A Journey of Courage & Strength

Nasopharyngeal Cancer (Stage X)

Bowie Tan (42)


Bowie was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, a type of head and neck cancer that affects the nasopharynx — the region behind the nose and above the back of the throat. The cancer manifested as a large tumour that developed on the left side and lower part of her neck.


Bowie’s Story

When I found out, my world shattered. I never thought I would get diagnosed with cancer. 

After completing three major chemotherapy sessions, I underwent electrotherapy treatment. Electrotherapy was extremely painful for me; the pain was unimaginable. I could not eat or drink at all. The doctor had to give me morphine to relieve the pain. 

By the fifth week, I could no longer bear it anymore. My throat was hurting so badly. I was admitted to the hospital and put on a drip containing nutrients at the hospital. Thankfully, I got through it all. 

Courage in the Face of Cancer

However, I really want to tell patients that this journey is not that difficult. I am truly grateful for the modern technology we have; the medical care available today is highly advanced. 

Of course, I do understand the emotions that you, as a patient, will face - the fear that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Do not be afraid of it. Bravely accept the correct treatment, and you too can complete the entire treatment process and recover fully, just like I did.

Sharing by Bowie’s Doctor, Consultant Oncologist Dr John Low 

I met Bowie in 2018. Her condition was quite serious back then, because her tumour was very large, and it was located on the left side of her neck and the lower part of her neck. Because the tumour was extremely big at that time, we could not immediately put her on radiotherapy therapy. So, we recommended for her to start with chemotherapy to shrink the tumour, and then proceed with radiotherapy afterwards. 

Cancer Is Not the End With Proper Treatment

Everyone thinks that cancer is a terminal illness. Until now, this perception still exists. This is a major problem. We see many patients who do not get the proper treatment. By the time the tumour spreads, it would be too late. This is a problem. So, I want to tell everyone that cancer can be treated, and there is a chance for recovery. So please seek proper treatment.

As doctors, the most important thing is to give our patients hope. Of course, we do not want to give patients false hope. However, we do know that there is a chance for the cancer to be cured. Knowing this, we encourage our patients, giving them hope and confidence on their journey. 

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