The First Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Patient in Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway City

Brain Tumours

Liza Yap (51)


In 2017, it was revealed to Liza Yap that her cancer had spread to her brain, after being admitted to hospital after falling down the stairs at work. She became Sunway Cancer Centre’s first patient to undergo radiosurgery for the tumours with the Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™, which provides patients with a reduced risk of side effects compared to conventional surgery. Five years after undergoing treatment, she shares her experience with us.


I was at work when I fell down the stairs. The right side of my body, including my hands and leg, was paralysed for a few moments. I was sent to the hospital, and I still remember how afraid I felt during that moment

Tests at the hospital revealed that I had a tumour in my head. It was in my brain, and had also spread to my spine. 

Impact on Daily Tasks

Being an architect, this was tough news for me because my job requires much use of my hands for drawing, sketching and writing. Simple tasks like holding chopsticks and sewing became difficult, and I needed my daughters' help to fill out forms for me when I travelled. I was not happy about my situation then; I felt so frustrated that I could not write. 

The Turning Point - Undergoing Gamma Knife Surgery 

Gamma Knife was new at the time I was doing it. The doctors and surgeons explained the procedure to me and what would happen after undergoing the procedure. The Gamma Knife, according to them, would be used to clean up the smaller tumours in my brain and clear the area around the bigger tumour that was surgically removed.

They would only put on the mask during the procedure, and I would not experience any pain. 

Quick Recovery and Return to Normal Activities

A few days after the Gamma Knife procedure, I was able to walk again and do a lot of housework. Within a few weeks, I was able to drive my daughters to school and play sports like tennis. I had no issues at all with exercising to improve my health after undergoing the procedure. 

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